I like my environment to be a product of me. I constantly think outside the box, I often take endless strolls outside my comfort zone.

I love and travel but I also fail and cry. That’s fine for me, ’cause at least I still breathe. I am alive!

So what’s the Hangover Experience? The Hangover Experience is inside every single person, it is a state of mind, a voice inside your head that pushes you to do more, to do better, to just do. You should listen to it more often. Stop sleeping through your life, stop watching the world through your window. Life is only one and it is now.

So go grab it. Face it. Beat it. And you will live forever. 


Who Am I?


Graduated in Journalism and Media Communication in London in 2016, I decided to fulfill my dream of travelling the world. It is a big plan, but you got to start from somewhere. I traveled South East Asia for a few months when I finally found a cozy home in Vietnam, where I am currently based.

I don’t see horizons or limits for your mind to reach. The best gift you can do to yourself is to travel, to experience new culture, meet new people,live new places. We are not meant to see as far as our backyard goes. We need to grow physically, spiritually, philosophically, and travelling is what makes you evolve. The world is yours out there to be seen. So do it, and do it now.