Stay – Wake Up By The Rice Paddies

Out of all the unforgettable, extreme and unique things you can do during your travels across Southeast Asia, only a few things can be as exciting and satisfying for your mind, heart and body than spending a few days surrounded by rice fields.

Step out your comfort zone, jump in an unspoiled, green rice terrace site and embrace a remarkable experience in some of the most suggestive, breathtaking and eco-friendly accommodations you can find in Asia.

Iconic, unique, fascinating

You can’t think of Asia without having rice fields (or terraces) popping up in your mind. You definitely know what I’m talking about. Those pictures on Instagram? That Nat Geo documentary you’ve watched a while ago? Or that that time you had to listen to your friends’ travel stories? Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Rice terraces are one of the most iconic symbols of Asia. And to be honest, they are really amazing.

Set in lush jungles and spectacular mountainous landscapes, rice fields seem simply unreal, almost like heaven on earth. These breathtaking views are unique feature that Asia has to offer in different form, colors and shape. But is hiking, walking along and taking pictures really enough to fully enjoy the rice fields? Of course not.

The best way to experience the essence of Asia and to have a real, authentic contact with it is to stay among the fields, to find your oasis and sleep in it.

Spending a few days in one of the many resorts built next to the terraces is a once in a lifetime adventure. Reconnect with the nature in a perfect way and unwind spirit and mind with some relaxing time. Hang out with the locals from the surrounding villages to understand their fascinating culture, traditions and lifestyle. Witness the beauty of the area during the day, with the sky painting different colors on the land and enjoy the peace at night accompanied by the sounds of birds, frogs and buffaloes.

Phum Baitang – Siem Reap  – Cambodia

Just look at it. In many believe this is the best resort in Cambodia (no wonder). True or not, Phum Baitang, which means “green village”, is a peaceful oasis surrounded by rice paddies and the beautiful Cambodian nature. It is composed by 45 villas floating over plantations of verdant lemongrass, two restaurants and a Temple Spa. This resort is perfect for relaxing with some yoga, sauna or steam rooms and ideal to regenerate body and mind after a long day exploring the bustling city. Indeed Siem Reap and its glorious temples are only 10 minutes away from here, making Phum Baitang the right place for every kind of activity.

Book one of our tours to fully experience, with all your senses, Siem Reap, Angkor Wat and other incredible temples.

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Topas Ecolodge – Vietnam

Topas Ecolodge is a must try when in Vietnam. Situated on the top of two cone formed hills, Topas offers a breathtaking view over the Sapa valley. This ecolodge is the perfect starting point of your trips to Sapa and around, to discover the stunning nature on the mountainous area, to meet the different hill tribes that live in Sapa and get to know their untouched traditions, their unique culture and way of life.

Topas Ecolodge is based on sustainable principles and has a minimum impact on the surrounding environment. It also helps the communities by employing local people and by promoting their products in order to bring economic benefits.

Looking for more? With Sens Asia you can explore Sapa and relax your spirit in the incredible Topas Ecolodge before we take you to the coast for an unforgettable experience on our luxury cruise on Ha Long bay.

Discover more about our trip From Sapa to Ha Long Bay 

Kamu Lodge – Laos

The Kamu Lodge is nestled in the green heart of the beautiful Laos countryside and lays on the banks of the mighty Mekong River, a few hours away from Luang Prabang. This spectacular lodge is the perfect getaway for nature and culture lovers who want to escape the bustling of the city and have some tech-free time.

Surrounded by the jungle, this accommodation offers a rare opportunity to have a close-to-nature holiday, to explore the amazing untouched landscape in the heart of the Laotian jungle and to observe the life of the unspoiled ethnic communities who live nearby.

Kamu Lodge is, for those who still want to visit and relax in a great atmosphere, the perfect extension of a trip to Luang Prabang.

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